-formed 1996 in Kochi, Japan

-the most well-known lineup consists of Kon (紺) on vocals, Nao on guitar, Isuke on bass, You-Ya on drums and Sin on guitar

-my absolute favourite visual kei band... their sound is just so incredibly charming and captivating to me... from Kon's vocals and lyrics to the instrumentals and visuals, they all hold such deep meaning to me, and I love discovering new layers in their work everytime I listen to them

-La'Mule also has some of the catchiest songs I've heard (curse, knife, sweet enemy etc.), which I love, I'm such a sucker for catchy songs...

-they has so many melancholy, yet beautiful songs as well... climax, wing and 一日の孤独 百年の孤独 are the first that come to mind

-in short: their sound is extremely appealing to me and their discography is diverse sound-wise, which I adore

favourite songs:

knife ナイフ

desert moon

一日の孤独 百年の孤独